Big Things are Coming Soon

We'll be back soon with a bigger presence in the United States. Academics took priority for 2018 but as a result of my education, we will come back smarter than ever as a result and ready to take on the world stage. We're working on putting together a program that will compete with the best in the United States and professional links across North America and the world to give our drivers every chance to grow and develop. We still very limited openings for remote data analysis, but space is limited in the current year due to academic constraints.

After we have some time to learn and grow and develop partnerships with phenomenal groups, we'll be back as soon as I graduate. I wouldn't hold your breath - I've been a student for a while - but when we're back it'll be my sole focus. I really appreciate everyone's support while I take a step back to work on building the framework needed to really be a true player in the market. 2019 will be a hell of a year if 2018 goes as planned.

Win it or bin it, lads.