Karting's Most Advanced Data. Period.

Arrive Prepared From the Simulator

Developing Drivers from the Bottom Up

Data drives everything in the modern era.  From food trucks to international companies everyone does data.  And we have revolutionized data in karting.  Using state of the art computation and multi-variable analysis, we can get every single tenth out of a driver, kart, and engine.  We have developed a workspace from the ground up and have training seminars for teams from the club level to international teams.  Contact us for a training or consulting quote.

Gone are the days of wondering which gear should be used at the track or wondering which corner is the problem.  Our state of the art simulation suite, the same used by LMP2 teams at the highest echelons of motorsport, brings reference laps to find the problem corner or component of the setup.  We actualized our results of the simulation in our development of our proprietary axles where we have found massive gains in all conditions in cadet karting.

Positive Motorsports has developed drivers with success at the highest tiers of North American karting.  From learning which pedal is which to finding the last tenth, we can develop drivers.  With a focus and speciality on youth motorsport, our whimsical attitude and positive approach helps build confident, talented drivers with the tools that they need to succeed at the highest levels of karting and beyond.  By building drivers confidence up and keeping the joy in driving, we find success at the highest levels.

To contact Positive about data analysis, driver coaching, or simulation services, contact Andy Schlosser at Andy@Posi-Mo.com